Program Manager

The Program Manager role has responsibility for operational leadership for a set of services or processes within an agency/organization.  While there may be some direct service contact dealing with service coordination issues, the role is primarily operational oversight.  Key aspects of the role include the development and implementation of process guidelines, service monitoring and evaluation, service delivery coordination and intervention, budget administration and management, funding proposal development, and community liaison.  This role may take on various other responsibilities as per the scope of services provided.    Some of the primary tasks of the role are as follows:

  • Supervise staff resources at potentially different levels and in various situations to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of agreed upon plans; this includes project related staff/service requirements, planning, orientation/training, work assignment/prioritization, reporting, assisting in development and monitoring Behavior Management,  and documentation requirements/protocols, and ongoing coaching.
  • Lead and participate in the development of operational and service delivery plans and budgets
  • Develop and implement effective financial management procedures and processes.
  • Provide leadership and support to team leaders, direct service staff and associated administrative staff to facilitate effective staff deployment and service delivery.
  • Develop and present service delivery proposals relative to the introduction of new or changed services and/or the continuation of existing services.
  • Promote and advocate on behalf of the agency, agency services, the direct service/support resource team and the individuals supported. 

Preferred Qualification:

  • Communication - Listening to others and communicating in an effective manner that fosters open communication:
  • Flexibility - Adapting to and working effectively within a variety of situations, and with various groups.
  • Client Focus - Identifying and responding to current and future client’s needs; providing service excellence to internal and external clients:
  • Creative Problem solving and Decision Making - Identifying and solving problems by understanding the situation, seeking additional information, developing and weighing alternatives and choosing the most appropriate course of action given the circumstances. Problems can be solved by breaking the issue into smaller pieces and or by identifying patterns or connections between situations that are not obviously related:
  • Values and Ethics - Depicting conduct, dispositions and viewpoints consistent with person integrity, as well as concern for, and sensitivity to, the fundamental values and ethics of the agency/organization/sector and the profession.
  • Team Work - Working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and positive results:
  • Professional Excellence - Concern for working towards standard of excellence.
  • Fostering Independence in Others
  • Collaboration - Communicating with others both within one’s team as well as with individuals, agencies and organizations outside one’s immediate work area or span of control to create alignment within and across groups 
  • Planning and Organizing – Defining tasks and milestones to achieve objectives, while ensuring the optimal use of resources to meet those objectives.
  • Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation – Knowledge and skill required to develop a new program or modify an existing program in response to an identified need, oversee implementation and evaluate outcomes.
  • College diploma with progressive experience of two to five years of a middle management/administrative level
  • Valid driver’s license and vehicle
  • Criminal Record Check


  • Professional growth and career development
  • Making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities
  • Rewarding and challenging opportunities
  • Ongoing Professional development opportunities
  • Health benefits in regular positions over 20 hours per week



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